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What Are Wireless Vibrating Panties?

If you haven’t heard the good news about wireless vibrating panties, let us enlighten you.  A remote-controlled vibrating panty is underwear that comes with a built-in egg, bullet, or pearls. These bad boys move back and forth when you activate the remote control, delivering unmatched stimulation to your clit. 

Benefits of Remote Vibrating Panties  

In terms of technology meets Realistic Sex Dolls, it doesn’t get much better than remote control vibrating panties. See below to learn why you should invest in your own vibrator underwear. 

Hands-Free Pleasure

Many people like good old-fashioned clit stimulation. But if we’re being honest, we don’t always have enough energy for all of that rubbing.  Save yourself some effort with the help of pairs of vibrator under panties. All you have to do is slip them on and activate the remote.  With many models having a battery life of 2+ hours, you can sit back and let the underwear do all of the work. Though, we have to concede that few underwear vibrator users last that long. 

Alternative to Penetration 

If you don’t get off to penetration from a dildo or anal vibrator, you’re in luck.  Vibrating panties offer the direct clitoral stimulation that many people crave. By focusing on your bean, you can become more easily aroused or even achieve those pulsing, electrifying O’s. 


Many people use vibrator under panties in vanilla applications. And there’s nothing wrong with that! We applaud you for slipping them on after a long day at work and using them to wind down.  But if you’re kinkier, you’ll be glad to hear that vibrator underwear is perfect for indulging in your wildest fantasies.  Some people love to wear this sexy underwear out on the town or even to the grocery store. Wherever you are, you can turn them on and wait for them to turn you on. Warning: You might have trouble concealing your squirming with all of the pleasure they bring.


Once you slip on a lacey panty vibrator, you’ll have a hard time parting with it. It’s a good thing they’re discreet enough to wear out in public!  The sensible design means no one will know what’s up down there. Trust us when we say that having this sexy secret makes things even more exciting. 

Compatible With Partner Play 

It’s fun to use an underwear vibrator solo. But feel free to let a partner in on some of the action!  Handing over the remote control is the perfect way to build trust in your relationship. It also encourages communication even if you’re only with someone for a hookup.  And, it just feels great. Knowing all of the power is in your partner’s hands is the perfect way to spice things up. Give them the honors when you’re in the bedroom, when you hop on a conference call, when you go into the office — the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Bluetooth vibrating panties, couples can even use them when they’re thousands of miles apart. 

Easy Cleanup

Cleaning vibrating panties with a remote is a little different from cleaning a dildo. Fortunately, the process is just as easy! When you’re done having fun, take off the vibrator panties and remove the egg from the pouch. Then, wash the underwear in the wash. If you need to wipe down the egg or bullet, use mild soap and warm water.  Whatever you do, don’t use a microwave, dishwasher, or pot of hot water. These methods will only ruin the motor and leave you with lackluster remote control panties. 

How to Find the Best Vibrating Panties 

As you can see from our collection, you have tons of options. How do you know which is best?  Here are some factors you should keep in mind while shopping for this sexy vibrating underwear. 


There’s no shortage of vibrator panties designs. You can find a pair in pretty much any color, pattern, or cut you want. It’s all about finding what your partner likes and, more importantly, what you feel comfortable in. Explore our black, red, low-rise, and lace options today! 


Basic remote control vibrating panties will give you one or two speeds. But if you want to mix things up or aren’t sure what you like, you’ll need more options. Be sure to choose a pair that comes with flexible settings. 


Some pairs of vibrating underwear come with removable batteries, whereas others are rechargeable. Regardless, make sure the pair you pick can keep up with your solo or partner sessions.  

Mobile Component 

As we mentioned earlier, the mobile component can be an egg, bullet, or pearls. It’s all about exploring your body and discovering which Bluetooth vibrating panties feel best. 


Remote control panties might sound fancy, but they’re relatively cheap sex toys. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on and consider indulging in models with cuter designers or more speed settings. Remember — this is your pleasure we’re talking about. 

Shop Our Vibrating Panties Today 

Vibrating panties are one of the best ways to maximize your pleasure while remaining in charge. At the same time, they can help you let loose by handing control to a partner.  Regardless, vibrating panties with a remote are must-haves for your sex toy collection. Snag one from our collection today! Joy Love Dolls ensures you have an amazing shopping experience through our range of products and commitment to your satisfaction.

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